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Nano Brows

About Nano Brows 

The Nano Brow technique is the most innovative brow enhancement on the market today. Faceology Studio is the first to bring this innovative brow treatment to Indianapolis. Originating in Europe it quickly became very popular. Now this innovative brow treatment is quickly becoming the most sought-out brow enhancement in the U.S. because of its superior benefits that surpass other popular brow treatments on the market like microblading.  

Whether your brows are too thin from over-plucking, too light to be visible, or just need reshaping and definition.  Nano brows are the most natural, and safest brow enhancement. It involves using the latest permanent makeup techniques to create very thin hair-like strokes with a permanent makeup machine. It works similar to a tattoo machine, but with a much smaller needle and less pain. These strokes are performed with a nano needle to simulate the look of a real brow hair. The nano needle is so thin (0.18mm) that you could bend the needle with your finger! The results are so natural and realistic. The hairstrokes can also be combined with other techniques like powder brow shading for a super realistic 3D effect for natural looking brows.

What To Expect

  • Your appointment includes an in-depth consultation on your desired brow look

  • Brow mapping session (outline drawing of brow shape)

  • Treatment

  • After care

Veronica is a certified Nano Brow artist and will go over the best options for your particular brows during your appointment. This semi-permanent treatment lasts 3-5 years depending on your skin type. Dry skin types tend to retain pigment color longer than oilier skin. We will perform a brow mapping session during your appointment to pre-draw the outline of the brow, so you will get to see and approve the shape before we begin.

So I know you are wondering, does it hurt?  Surprisingly many clients report the discomfort is very mild. Most of our clients have said that it hurt much less than they were expecting. Of course with any semi-permanent make up procedure there is going to be some amount of discomfort. However some clients have described it more like a mild irritation like a bee sting, or a scratch. Others have said it didn't hurt at all. We do apply a numbing creme before your procedure to aid in any discomfort. And you are welcome to take a pain reliever before hand such as Tylenol if you choose. 

Healing time takes on average is 1-2 weeks. You may experience redness or soreness the first couple days after your treatment. Other side effects can be light flaking, scabbing, or mild itchiness which all generally subside after week one. Brows are considered fully healed at 6 weeks. Then at 6 weeks clients are welcome to come back for a complimentary retouch session if needed. 

Nano Brow Pricing   


Nano Brows                        $600

  • Includes the 4 hour initial appointment, and a complimentary 6 week touch up appointment. This technique is natural hair strokes, or a combination of hair strokes and powder shading techniques. This technique is best for clients that want a natural look. We will discuss the best options for you during your consultation. 

Ombre Powder Brows         $600

  • Includes the 4 hour initial appointment, and the complimentary 6 week touch up appointment. This is technique is for clients that want powder shading only, no hair strokes. The powder brow technique is meant to resemble the look of powder brow makeup. It produces pixelated dots of pigment that looks like powder makeup or brow pencil.  This technique works best for clients that have a good amount of brow hair already, or want a finished makeup look. This is also the best technique for clients with very oily skin. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this treatment differ from microblading?  Microblading is much more invasive to the skin, using a microblade to make tiny incisions in the skin to deposit pigment.  A cut to the skin is much more invasive and requires a longer healing time. Microblading is also considered more painful for this reason. The nano technique is less invasive as it efficiently implants color with a tiny nano needle and a permanent makeup machine.

Microblading also only lasts about 1-2 years before needing retouched. Yearly microblading can cause scar tissue to form with repeated treatments over time because they are making tiny cuts in the same place again and again with the microblade. The nano brow technique is much less invasive, using just a tiny nano needle to deposit pigment, clients feel next to nothing compared to microblading. The healing time is also much faster with Nano brows. The nano brow technique creates natural, precise and fluid strokes that mimic natural hair for the most realistic brows possible. Perfect for clients wanting beautiful maintenance-free brows.

Is there anything I should take into consideration before scheduling an appointment?   Sure! Here is our list of do's and dont's before your nano appointment:

Do exfoliate your eyebrow area a couple days before your eyebrow appointment.

Do drink lots of water in the days leading up to your appointment. Hydration in the skin is key.
Do grow out your eyebrows and leave your strays so I can see the best shape for your brows.
Do bring low profile headphones if you would like to listen to music
Do bring pictures of yourself if you are particular to a certain shape.


Don't have Botox injections 2 weeks prior to your appointment

Don't arrive with a sunburn. Appointment will be rescheduled
Don't get your eyebrows waxed at least 14 days before appointment.
Don't use retin-A or peeling topicals from the bottom of the eyes and up. Must not be on ACCUTANE
Don't book if you have previous permanent makeup and have not notified me.
Don't consume caffeine the morning of, it does make you more sensitive
Don't consume alcohol or cough syrup night before your appointment.

Contraindications for Nano Brows: If you have any of the conditions below you may not be eligible to receive a nano brow treatment. Please call us to discuss if you have any questions and if nano will be the best option for you.

  • Pregnant

  • Diabetic (Call for more details)

  • High blood pressure (Call for more details)

  • Develop cold sores easily (Call for more details)

Contact us for any questions that you may have, or to schedule a free consultation.


Ready to say goodbye to brow pencil?

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Nano Brow Gallery

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